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How much and for how long should I walk a dog?

I have decided to start a dog walking business. Most of the dogs in the neighborhood are labs or golden retrievers. So, for how long should I walk those dogs and for how much? I was planning on walking them 7 days a week for 30 min to an hour and playing with them as well.


How much should i charge weekly or for each walk.

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    You should walk them for an hour everyday, also, give them lots of attention each and pet them well.

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    Labs and retrievers need lots of exercise, especially puppies. Elder dogs, not so much.

    If you walk the younger dogs for 30 mins then play fetch or something with them then that should be enough.

    Elder dogs don't play much, so 20-30 minutes is best. Play with them if they are playful, though.

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  • Trixie
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    It depends entirely on the age, breed, and the owner's wishes. We have a lab/collie mix, one year old, and our dog walker walks her for a half hour in the afternoon. We pay $13 a day.

    Keep in mind that you should create a professional contract for the owner to sign, in case there is an accident or medical problem while walking. You also need to know vet information, in case there is an emergency (and be SURE to have the owner specify how much he/she will pay for an emergency vet visit). Also be certified in pet CPR, just in case. We will only hire dog walkers who are certified in pet CPR.

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    I would agree with ^^. Fast paced hour long walk should do it. Ask the owners how much energy they normally have and base it on that. Schedule your pick up times according to their energy levels.

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    That sounds about right.

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