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why are tv's not fat anymore ?!?

today my mum got me a flat screen tv for my birthday, im now 13, and im pi**ed off because i like playing my nintendo 64 on my fat tv but now i can't because the flat one hasn't got a port for me to plug the 64 into ?

so i had a go at my mum and she told me where to plug it. but it still won't come up on the screen ??? HELP WHAT DO I DO ?

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    1)read the directions.

    2) If you don't want to read the directions then follow these steps.

    - Make sure you take the remote control and look for something like 'input' -

    -Then select something like "AV" or RGB, or if that doesn't work try all of them until the nintendo shows up.

    -IF that doesnt' work have your Mom get the receipt and take it back.

    BTW I don't know why TV's aren't square anymore. I liked them better when they were. I also think it was easier to record with videotape than with DVD.

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    mainly because it cheaper to produce and no tubes to mess up

    to get your system working use the red white yellow hooks ups to one of the inputs on the back

    and then use your remote and go to that input

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