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How can i get my ex back?

Please help i broke up with my ex a while ago and i want her back but she hates me and makes fun of me. I dont even know what i did i never cheated on her did any thing bad and she broke up with me please help btw im 15 years old,


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    my exwife cheated on me, it hurt a lot, I forgave and wished her the best. It has been 6 years from time to time she cross my mine, I just hope she is truly doing well and then I stop thinking about her. My life now is many folds better.

    for the next girl:Recommended to take it slow, take time to get to know the person. Try to keep things clean, less baggage. Let years of perfect relationship before marriage (if you want you can always be engaged and married after years has passed). You can always accept the marriage ring and just marry when you have a few years of solid peace and love engagement/relationship. Make sure only settle for your soul mate with peace and keep in mind there are many soul mates. Arguing is normal but is it good? no, so make sure it is 7 years no arguments. After 7 solid years of perfect marriage then a child if desired.

    If things are minor I usually just wouldn't even give it a second thought. If it is major I just fix it the best way and that's it. Maybe this will be a good method for you guys. Always reinforce it with Love

    Also I see premarital counseling working.Church usually has it for free. You can even attend after marriage. Make sure no medicines.

    Also now focus on your school, job and chores. Make sure to give much love to both parents, help where you can.

    School= College you want to go to, major you will go for, student aid of fee waivers or even scholarships ( go to the college your thinking about and just go to the student center and schedule a consular to discuss all this. They are very helpful. You might need to revisit to check that your on track. You can even take college course now if you wanted. Make sure your high schooling is on top of it's game.

    Job=find any decent job near by that works with your schedule. Maybe waitress which gets good tips and you can talk so time will go by fast. Make sure to be smart, because there are many smart guys out there trying to trick girls with money.

    Chores, just do them asap.

    I hope this all will help.

    On another note: Try your best. Love like you never love before. This is the best way for love to come and start surrounding your life. May love be around you, through you and is you.

    Love and the Good Life will come

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    well DANG

    but i my situations way worse


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