How to get over someone 100%?

I had a summer romance type thing with this guy over the summer, for about two months, and I fell so hard for him. Things were hot and heavy but he also got me on this deeper level that my past boyfriends hadn't. Our personalities were so compatible it was crazy. Things ended because I had to leave for a month and he wasn't looking to wait I guess.. I spent the entire month I was gone crying over him, and when I got back I still wasn't over him. He was upset and felt super guilty for about to two weeks, but after that he was completely fine (so I heard from friends).

He's a very attractive and charismatic guy so lots of girls are into him and he's definitely enjoying the attention although he claims he isn't interested in anyone at the moment.

Anway, although it isn't nearly as bad as it was in September, I'm still hurting over him. It's been almost five months. So pathetic. How can I move on and not feel like I'm about to throw up everytime I see him?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I am crying over my love for 3 years now ! don't let that happens to you ! being alone is poison for you ! try to be in every possible communities ( friends , new classes , new hobbies ) and you'll forget him step by step ! and if you be lucky you'll find some one new ! Me My self after 3 years of being alone found my self in relation with another girl ! It didn't went well BUT it caused I finely be straight with my self about my first LOVE ! so find someone new ! and don't be alone ! good luck babe

  • 8 years ago

    There is no getting over someone 100%, i know it is a deal breaker.

    Just force yourself to stop thinking about him, he usually fall in love with the idea and not with the person.

    Find somebody new, and once you are happy with him you'll see that the previous goes away :)

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