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Can you paint Styrofoam? and it be safe for pets?

Ok I have a spider and I bout an ecosystem tank that came with a styrofoam background too. I know it is safe to use normal styrofoam as well, and it is safe to use it for fish tanks too. But I would like to know what paint can I use that will not hurt a spider or snake or fish if I painted the Styrofoam that you buy at the store?.

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    Any non toxic water based paint should be fine for a spider, but the spider could care less about 'window dressing' for terrariums. Maybe something for the spider to hide in or under, and if it makes webs, maybe something to support webs with. Terrestrial spiders may like a little substrate like peat moss.

    Anything you put into a terrarium, vivarium, or aquarium should be non toxic, and chemical, or fertilizer free.

    My pet house spider is very content in nothing more than a small deli tray with a makeshift hide:


    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
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