Mother in law moved in our house?

My mother in law moved in our house. My fiancée and I we are expecting a babe. She told me "where my Son goes I follow him" he's 30 years old . I try to be nice with her. I spent 600 dollars in adiamon necklace for her and she said she lost the necklace in a party. When I told her I was pregnagnt she never smile at me. I ask her why she never touch my belly if she don't want to feel her grandbabe moving and she answered me: no that hurts the baby don't lett none touch your pregnagnt belly. She cooks for my fiancée and she said she will stay in our home. I cooked for my man but they don't like my Italian food they like they re own food. I don't think my babe will be happy watching this . I'm going to move on. Is better to be a single mom? Or be miserable with my mother in law for the rest of my life? My fiancée wants his mom, who has a job but not husband to be with us. She's paranoiac person she close all the windows thinking the neighbor is going to attack us. I want to move on with my belly.

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  • 8 years ago
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    L "neighbour gonna attack us" yeah she has issues. She needs to understand that ur a part of her sons life now and ur giving her a grandchild. She needs to love u rather than make u feel like u have no place in their Llife. U need to talk to ur fiance and tell him how u feel and if he doesn't try to understand than tell him u can't marry him if he doesn't do something about this and that ur perfectly capable of raising ur child on ur own. Good luck

  • 8 years ago

    Your fiancée needs to grow a pair and stop having his mother baby him. He should be taking your side, especially if you are pregnant with his child. Get the father in law involved and your own parents.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Welcome to the World of Crazy Italian In laws, I married one and they are all like that. Tell your guy to tell his mom to BACK OFF or your leaving (mention living at his father's if that is a possibility) Actually your mother in law will respect you more for that knowing the father in law will side with you.. Then set some ground rules that you all can live with in the one house. Good luck with this situation.

  • silman
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    4 years ago

    in the start, you've realized an substantial lesson. In a relationship, both genuinely one of you should have a say so and enter in any substantial judgements. Your MIL shifting in turned right into a substantial determination and it sounds like you weren't consulted in any respect. caution signal #a million. so that you want to communicate over with him about all substantial judgements needing to be said and agree upon. Secondly, the lesson is that residing with relatives in basic terms would not artwork. Loaning money, operating with relatives etc.. also would not artwork. So in case you get this dealt with, make that a rule on your abode. Thirdly, your husband might want to face up for you if his mom is being disrespectful yet because that he's not, you want to face up for your self. (I understand she is his mom and he owes her allot yet he's an human being and also has a duty to you and your relationship.) do not wait till you explode and loose your mood both. that's going to easily seem undesirable on you and make your husband trust that is you and in no way his mom. rather cope with each and each little element because it takes position. don't be rude, tacky, loud or gruesome. in basic terms tell her such issues as: "i might want to have a good time with it in case you probably did or did not...," "i fairly do not imagine that is substantial or perfect to...," If she says some thing below her breath don't be afraid to assert, "i'm sorry, i did not listen you. are you able to repeat that please?" etc.., do not enable her imagine she has it over on you.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think you have to have a talk with your fiancée about this. This isn't right. He has to grow a pair and be on your side. Mom can't always be there. You have to think about the pro and cons of moving on by yourself. If you feel its the best wishes!

  • Ty
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    8 years ago

    Move out, give your fiance an ultimatum, be with her or you. If he picks you some counseling would help.

  • Bobbi
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    8 years ago

    GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE.......... she will cause you more harm and grief.

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