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Pregnant or not. please help.?

I had unprotected sex like 5-6 weeks ago. It was very short and he did not ejaculate inside me. The next morning I got my period but I was still worried, so I took plan b (morning after pill) within not even 24 hours. I had a normal period. But I'm a very paranoid person so i still thought there was a chance. I was suppose to have my period almost two weeks ago. I have been super stressed about it, so i think that or the plan b could be delaying it. Ive taken 2 HPT,both negative and went to like a planned parenthood,also negative. But ive been really bloated the last few days,and my boobs got larger. I also had sone brownish discharge. Im just really paranoid and want some opinions, please and thanks.

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    You're not pregnant sweetie, you're just psyching yourself out. If you had your period the next morning AND took the pill you're fine. If you're having a late period now it's more than likely that you're late because of all the stress. Stress can also mess with your body in more ways than just a late period, it could be why you're feeling bloated. As for the boobs, maybe you just feel like they look bigger. Like since you're making yourself believe you're pregnant, you're imagining some of the symptoms.

    The discharge might be from the late period, it could just be a bit of your menstrual fluids or just a minor infection.

    Don't freak yourself out, three negative tests, having your period and the pill sounds like a pretty solid defense against pregnancy

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    I was once precisely four weeks pregnant. I discovered the day my interval will have to have began. Normally I could have waited, however whatever did not believe proper so I took a scan. I am now 21 weeks three days w/ youngster one million.

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    Sounds like urvnot pregnant

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    Your prob not pregnant and Try using condoms if you dont want to have a baby or birth control

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