What is red and white wine suppose to smell and taste like?

So I made both white and red wine out of curiosity to see if I could actually be successful in making them, now not having any experience with wine at all Im not sure what to look for in smell and taste. I made them both from welch's grape juice added the sugar added the yeast etc... They both fermented for about 2-2 1/2 weeks for their primary fermentation process, i opened them up the other day after about a month and a half or so of letting them sit and age just a little and the white is very bitter i think? and the red is more sweet but still has a bitter taste as well and both of them i can taste the alcohol very strongly, so im not sure if this is good or bad or if i need to just let them age for a few months or so to let them develop a better flavor and aroma, any help or suggestions is much appreciated. Thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    You essentially made Pruno, which is a cheap wine made in prison. People who make wine this way generally don't care what it tastes like; they want the alcohol.

    You could be tasting a minor infection in your wine. You could also be tasting a very young wine.

    It won't get better.

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