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What are Napoleon's policies?

The question is as follow: You should be ready to take a position and give examples from both his domestic( internal) policies and his foreign policy(empire,war, etc.)

Thank youuu soo much for all answer, this is my final essay question, Greatly appreciated

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    Napoleon created modern day democracy, his internal polocies were much like modern day democracy. He was however, extremely nationalistic and believed that war was the only way to "liberate" europe from the crowns and kings. He was the enemy of the monarchy and he fought for years to abolish it. Some other internal policies include, relatively high taxes, high police and military budget, and free education for everyone. he was extremely aggressive with foreign negotiations and did not allow for other countries to make demands on the great empire of France. He was a true leader who won the hearts of the people, led his soldiers into battle, and stood for a cause.

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