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My wife and I ARE trying to concieve.?

She was suppose to start her period on the 7th of December. Rather she had her period on the 4th and it last only 3 days. 2 being somewhat heavy. This is very abnormal because she is usually like clock work as far as timing and duration of period but this month has been completely abnormal. Any ideas? ONLY serious answers please.

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    8 years ago

    I prob no help at all, but she could be if that's not the norm. However in my case I still had a regular and irregular period when I was pregnant with my son! It was crazy! My advice is take a test each wk. Missing the period or not. Some woman's body act funny pregnant. But try that and maybe see if doctor could give her folic acid? It will help.

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  • Sunny
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    8 years ago

    sounds like her hormones are slightly off balance. it could be due to stress from trying to conceive. nothing to worry about though, but she's not pregnant so try again next month. good luck!

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