Regions bank problem..?

Okay, so I have plenty of money in my regions bank account and haven't gotten into any kind of trouble with the law.

I used my check card friday, but saturday morning came around on my way to work and I was trying to buy a biscuit and my card was rejected. After work, I tried buying luck either. So now it is Sunday and still doesn't work. I got emails from subscriptions (netflix, xbox) saying they are having trouble authorizing my visa check card...

I have no idea what is going, not the first clue. Maybe it is for security purposes like someone trying to scam me?

I am going to the bank in the morning, but I want to is bothering me ha.

Any help/advice would be gladly appreciated.

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  • 8 years ago
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    your card may have expired. if not, you may be getting a new card in the mail or the bank may have temporary placed it on hold either because of activity deemed as fraudulent. Banks have intelligent systems that track for any abnormal buying behavior, nothing to cause alarm though. Step into the banking center and explain what happened. They work for you so don't be alarmed, they are there to help.

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