Will my baby get taken away if I smoked pot while pregnant?

I quit smoking pot at 20 weeks. I only smoked a few times, mostly with the father of my baby, but never bought it and smoked consistently. I have had 4 OB/GYN appointments during my pregnancy so far. I am a member of medicaid. I started feeling a huge amount of guilt when I found out the sex and gave up cig and pot immediately. But, I have heard that Child Protective Services will take away your baby if you tested positive even once while pregnant.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If either you or the baby tests positive at the birth, then you can plan on social services being involved.

    I don't know how long a baby retains THC - maybe someone else can answer that.

  • 8 years ago

    Depending on your states cps rules and regulations. If you smoked during your first trimester of your pregnancy, it will show up in the babies system when u deliver. The hospital will ask you if you have been using illegal drugs. Tell the truth, that way cps will come and talk to you and set up some kind of families first programs for u and the baby, and you will have to go to NA so many times a week. If you don't tell the truth the hospital will call cps without you knowing after testing the baby, and anything can happen. It could end up as a removal. Not trying to scare you...just reality. Good Luck

    Source(s): Senior CPS Specialists
  • 8 years ago

    Probably not, but do NOT EVER do that! It can make your baby have a disease! :(

    You want your baby to be happy, right? Then don't do anything like that. :o

    It can even make your baby die. It depends on how bad it is that your baby will get taken away.

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    Smoking at all while pregnant is dangerous and frankly ignorant of you

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