should i take a break with my bestfriend to get over her. 10pts?

so i have liked my bestfriend for 3 years now and i havent been able to get over her. actually i always had hope that she would realize that she liked me back. she is seeing someone right now but its not bf and gf... yet. i did tell her how i felt once just saying i liked her and another telling her more.

i have researched how to get over someone and it always leads back to no contact to them. so i was thinking that maybe we should take a break like a week or two. to be honest im hoping that with this break she will realize that she does like me. but again im just hoping i know that wont happen. hopefully that i will get over her in the week or two span that we have no contact. what do you think. also im going to write what i will say to her if i end up doing it.

Girl, (not going to say her name) as much as it hurts me to say this i think we may need to take a break from having contact with eachother for a week or two. If its going to work with you me and bob (fake name) i wont be able to like you. i just wont be able to handle seeing you with someone else. your my bestfriend and he makes you happy and it should make me happy that he makes you happy but i dont and it bothers me. and to give you an unbiased opinion about you two is you have been seeing him for prob around 2 months now and i think you would know if you want to make it official or not. dont worry about regretting it or not. that happened one time. if you truly do like him you wont feel that way. I love you and you we still will be best friends this whole time apart and if you need to talk to me about anything i will be ok with breaking the no contact. this will prob be one of the hardest thing i will ever do but i think it will work out for the best in the end. i know your prob speechless right now but just take some time and think about it. if you are not ok with we wont do it .

thanks for helping and if you have anything i should add or say about what i should do please tell me :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    No on the speech, just no, UNLESS you are completely sure that she does like you in some capacity. I would say yes to the break, and explain it with a little less revealing of a speech, much shorter but definitely in person. Like "I think I need to take some time right now, because I need to get my head straight about you. I think that when you and (bob) date I may have to back off and take a more distant friendship with you, for personal reasons." Not that exactly, but closer to that than your block quote. Be careful not to burn any bridges or make your relationship awkward. Take at least two weeks without talking to her best friend, but don't ignore her. You need to be able to be a friend to her but not a best friend. Sorry if this was too harsh.

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