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How can black people make their hair grow fast?

I tend to have week sides so my hair grew up to neck length about that and then I got weaved again it made my hair grow but then the third time doing it I weaved in my sides too instead of leaving them out like I usually do, so now everytime I do weave I don't see my sides growing as fast( btw I leave them out again) if hair grows 6inches per year how long should my hair be and sides be by next year december? And what can I do to take care of it and keep it growing while having weaves?

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    For women with weak sides, a weave will destroy your edges. If you continue to get sew-ins you'll continue to lose hair in that area. Bald edges is not good. To regrow your edges, use "Jamaican black castor oil" every night. Massage some in the area that is thinning or without hair. It's inexpensive about $10. Many sistas swear it is a miracle worker to help their hair grow back. Also, if you are not deep conditioning...start. Deep conditioning helps stop breakage and keeps your hair moisturized. Hair skin and nail vitamins are also good and provide your hair with nutrients. Co-washing is also beneficial. Use conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair. Shampoo can strip black hair. Wrap your hair at night in a scarf so it is protected while you sleep. Lastly, Rosemary is great for growing hair---link to video below. I use it every time I wash my hair.

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    I went natural and since then my hair has been healthier, thicker, and longer. In 3 months being natural my hair has grown about 2-3 inches long.

    Things I did-

    I wore my hair curly so I wouldn't have to use heat, comb through it, or put any chemicals in it like relaxers. I also made sure I kept my hair moisturized,

    I don't wear weave so I don't know how that would effect your hair growing. Good luck!

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    Its hard to grow hair while having weaves. it will grow very slow.


    use hair lotion insead of grease( hair lotion is more gentle on hair. it wont clutter your scalp)

    stop touching your hair so much

    use a brush and brush your sides

    take vitamins

    drink water

    PS: use olive oil hair products

    Source(s): i am black and have very curly hair. hair dresser
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