Can you help me find editing apps?

Okay, so I've been on Instagram and I see these really cool edits. Like, for example, they'll have two pictures of them in the same picture, or they'll be floating in the air, or they'll be holding this galaxy type thing. Do you know what apps they use to do this? I have an iPhone, so I need an iPhone app; or a website if they do it on the Internet. Thank you in advance (:

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    there has been a lite version of photoshop, i think they've called it photoshop express, and i use photoshop everyday, trust me, it is the best for editing images, it might cost a bit though, so allow third party apps and get it from the internet using utorrent on your computer and a .torrent file. enjoy.

    Source(s): downloaded multiple third party ios apps.
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