sexual relations in outer space;possible?

Is it possible to have male female intercourse outside of the gravitational pull of the earth

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    8 years ago
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    Yes, it is POSSIBLE, however we're not sure if it has actually been done. (There was a shuttle flight several years ago where a husband and wife were both on the same mission, however they were scheduled to work different shifts, so there is a possibility that they MIGHT have gotten together...).

    Closer to Earth, have you ever heard of "The Mile-High Club"? Yes, it's exactly what you think it means - in an airliner in flight. That has happened many times, but that isn't your question.

    Source(s): Over 70 years of life - heard lots about it, but never been there. 8-O
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Of course, at the worst you could always tie a piece of elastic around you both to stop you from drifting apart or wedge yourselves into a small space. Unless of course you literally mean in space, in this situation being killed by explosive decompression could be a problem, unless you have space suits with built in 'docking ports'

  • A!
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    8 years ago

    would women have to have three docking ports in their suits?

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