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The Christmas Hoopla Makes Me Sick?

The deceptive music about made-up folklore and false characters such as frosty the snowman and santa clause, the christmas lights, all the mean and evil people suddenly becoming deceptive, women suddenly becoming romantic in a dead and boring relationship........not the guys fault as all women were once witches and wicked cats, manipulative and deceiving, trickery and evil........who can see right through all men and know that men always attempt to purchase their attention and possess their souls through the women "play" dumb and "play" weak to manipulate men into thinking that women need to be "taken care of".......yet she will leave you tomorrow if you tell your wives and mistresses that this Christmas will just be an acknowledgment of the birth of gifts. Hahaha.....and y`all know I am right.

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    True spirit of Christmas

    Late Christmas week I was rushing around trying to get some last minute

    shopping done. I was stressed out and not thinking very fondly of the season

    right then. It was dark, cold and wet in the parking lot as I started

    loading my car up with gifts that I felt obligated to buy. I noticed that I

    was missing a receipt that I might need later. So, mumbling under my breath,

    I retraced my steps to the mall entrance.

    As I was searching the wet pavement for the lost receipt, I heard a quiet

    sobbing. The crying was coming from a poorly dressed boy of about 12 years

    old. He was short and thin. He had no coat. He was just wearing a ragged

    flannel shirt to protect him from the cold night's chill. Oddly enough, he

    was holding a hundred dollar bill in his hand.

    Thinking that he had gotten lost from his parents, I asked him what was

    wrong. He told me his sad story.

    He said that he came from a large family. He had three brothers and four

    sisters. His father had died when he was nine years old. His mother was

    poorly educated and worked two full time jobs. She made very little to

    support her large family. Nevertheless, she had managed to skimp and save

    two hundred dollars to buy her children Christmas presents. The young boy

    had been dropped off by his mother on the way to her second job. He was to

    use the money to buy presents for all his siblings and save just enough to

    take the bus home. He had not even entered the mall when a boy grabbed one

    of the hundred dollar bills and disappeared into the night.

    "Why didn't you scream for help?" I asked.

    The boy said, "I did."

    "And nobody came to help you?" I queried.

    The boy stared at the sidewalk and sadly shook his head.

    "How loud did you scream?" I inquired.

    The soft-spoken boy looked up and meekly whispered, "Help me!"

    I realized that absolutely no one could hear that poor boy cry for help.

    So I grabbed his other hundred dollar bill and ran.

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    Nope. This 300 and sixty 5 days the relatives is doing all countless issues, so we are having 3 Christmas lunches. at present grew to become into the youngster's Lunch, a table encumbered with each and all of the stuff childrens like maximum suitable, it grew to become into superb, Tahlia (elderly 2) cherished it maximum suitable, she had chipmunk cheeks the entire time ! The grownups cherished each and all of the junky nutrition too ! the next day is a $a hundred a head Christmas lunch in an exceedingly fancy eating place,we gown up and could behave. Then Boxing Day Synum and Jessie are bobbing up, possibly some others too and it would be yet another youngster's lunch.... party hats, those issues you blow and that they roll out and make a noise, cheezels, chips, lollies, marshmallows, cheese, cabana, ritz, party pies, little sausage rolls, cheerios (mini franks for our u . s . a . buddies), a gingerbread abode.. etc etc etc.. thousands extra.. all crap, yet enable's settle for it, I deliver them abode and that i do no longer could desire to difficulty approximately them bouncing off the partitions do I !! hehehehe. exciting !! right here, have a social gathering pie Reg ! don't be concerned, merely take a seat lower back and relax !

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    So was there a question in all of this?

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