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I have a 2 year old yellow lab that has a partially torn cruciate ligament and needs surgery?

I am in college and trying to find a good affordable vet surgeon near the bay area that could perform the surgery, i already got a quote of 3700 - 4700 from UC Davis and I'm hoping to find something a little cheaper if possible

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    Lots of ideas here, including links to organizations that *might* help you out financially:

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    once you bypass to the listening to, clarify that the canines become injured and startled even as the bite handed off (it would want to were effective to take him from a vet acceptable in a while and to get a letter from the vet) - they do take those situations into interest. Redirected aggression is uncomplicated - our humane society had an journey the position some tent canopies blew over, startling some canines and a canines strive against began. Animal administration did get a record and not one of the canines were deemed risky. examine all you are able to ahead of time about redirected aggression. Make it sparkling your canines hasn't ever bitten or threatened to bite earlier and that you've taken precautions to make constructive it does no longer take position again. also, in many cases even if that is a first incident, they are going to take that into interest and if his rabies vaccination and license are up up to now. in many cases you receives fined for a leash regulation violation and requested to pay any medical expenses and if you're discovered with the canines off-leash or unlicensed or unvaccinated again, there'll be a lot higher topics the second one time. If the female become significantly injured, that would want to be an difficulty. i do not comprehend your jurisdiction yet is looks like you've a life like case till there have been previous said issues such as your canines which have not been said the following.

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    Ya, good luck

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