Why women SHOULD NOT get an education/work?

I'm doing a paper on why women should not get an education. I dont agree with it, but i need to have sources also for this paper.I'm having a hard time finding sources online (obviously) and i need other sources too. Anyone know any books or sites that talk abotu why women SHOULDNT get an education/work? It's based off an essay from the 1700's by Daniel Defoe. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    too lazy?

  • The over-focus on 'education' generally as a pitiful substitute for ability/skills is precisely one reason for the decline of the West, and is very much a developing problem in countries where such things are being promoted massively.

    This leads to a massive and increasing social divide between the privileged soft-**** classes in society and those who may be at least as capable, but who lack an 'education' which often has no relevance to the work involved.

    A prime example is educating a woman in say, India - she wil undoubtedly be drawn from the middle and upper classes - i.e. will be one who least needs the advantages offered - and her 'education' and consequent position in life/society will serve only to stratify that society further between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' - with the have-nots still dying in poverty and the overall benefit to society being only to the middle classes etc.**

    As I stated many years ago and state now - what earthly use does a clerk in the public service have for a 'degree'? It's not as if they are going to be sitting in on massive policy meetings that affect millions (other than a very, very, very few) and need masses of 'knowledge', and mostly their day will be taken up in shuffling a few papers around and entering stuff into a database.

    WTF does a 'degree' in Economics do for a clerk who shuffles a few papers, other than make him/her somehow a more 'desirable' employee in the eyes of deluded employers?

    There are also those who will give you facts and figures to show that in many cases 'educating' a woman is pointless since they will remain in the workforce for five years. A recent event is the cry of 'doctor shortage' in Britain created by women utilising precious and expensive resources under what are essentially Affirmative Action programmes to become doctors and then not functioning as quacks for longer than 5-8 years.

    That is a matter of their own personal choice - not some 'discrimination' or 'sexism'. Get used to it!

    Source(s): ** see the pre-Revolution Russian 'Socialists' whose view of The People was their class(es) ONLY and somehow that the ordinary peasant etc was nothing at all - extremely elitist. SSDD
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    Try Wikipedia first, put

    women should not work

    into the search bar and get a list, there's quite a lot and you can find references at the bottom of each of the articles.

    For example, this one :


    Barefoot and pregnant

    A religious tyrant in Pakistan :


    Abdul Halim Khan

    You aren't kidding, I can't find sources easily either.

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