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Youtube video: snowboarder spraying people with snow, using his board?

Whats the youtube video in which this snowboarder brakes abrupt so his snowboard produces a lot of snow and creates a cloud of snow. And he does this to random strangers. Please someone?

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  • Taylor
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    8 years ago
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    ^ maybe?

    Normally I don't answer questions like this, so I'd appreciate Best Answer :p

    ^B/c there are most likely a lot of these videos, and it would simply be much easier for you to find it yourself vs one of us finding it.

  • 4 years ago

    All snowboarders do not wreck snow. on celebration some idiots will confirm to pass down a run requiring too a lot potential for them. Then they head down sideways (no turning) (or they don't turn precise and as they turn they pass sideways and reason a similar complications) and crate icy spots interior the run (pushing away each and every of the snow), destroying powder and pulling down out moguls. It occurs too many times and it supplies reliable snowboarders a nasty call. If any skier accuses you of that crap merely because you're a snowboarder you may tell them the position to shove it. If someone (skier or snowboarder) watches you snowboard and makes a remark about that you may want to judge rethinking about your type. in case you snowboard proper you gained't wreck the snow, do not enable those comments trojan horse you. (newbie skiers do reason some damage to the runs to boot with snowplowing) yet not virtually as a lot as newbie snowboarders, merely with the aid of realm and how rigidity is exerted and turns are made)

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