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Fate of the signers of the Declaration of Independence?

Does anyone know the names of the five signers of the Declaration of Independence who were tortured and killed at the hands of the British? I am doing a speech about this and need that information. I have looked and looked and can only come up with "five signers were tortured and killed at the hands of the British"...I can never find the names of those five men.

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    Of the 56 signers of the Document there were 25 Lawyers or Jurists, 14 farmers, 9 merchants, 4 physicians 1 manufacturer, and 1 clergyman. Two became Presidents and two became vice presidents. Of the 46 who survived the war, most remained active in public office.

    The Oldest was Franklin at age 70 and the youngest was John Hancock at 27.

    19 were Yale, Harvard or Princeton graduates.

    5 were captured by the Brits and didn’t survive

    1/3 had their property or livelihoods destroyed.

    One Signer, John Hart had his house burned and his fields and property set ablaze when he was absent and his wife and 13 children were run out into the weather to die.

    Arthur Middleton’s aproperty was confiscated and he was imprisoned in such conditions that it caused his death.

    Lewis Morris suffered similar to John Hart.

    Thomas Nelson, at Yorktown found out that Cornwallis was using his home as his quarters and he urged Washington to single out that building for shelling. It was destroyed. He later died bankrupt.

    Frances Lewis’s wife was imprisoned because her husband signed the document and she died as a resultonly 2 years later from the 2 months of treatment at the hands of the Brits.

    Richard Stockton was captured in 1776 and died due to ruined health.

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    Every last one of them died......

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