Help with Homework Please!?

Okay, I have a few questions.

1) The second of two numbers is 5 more than twice the first. The sum of the numbers is 44. Find the numbers.

2) The sum of two numbers is 75. The second number is 3 less than twice the first. Find the numbers.

3) The larger of two numbers is 8 more than four times the smaller. If the larger is increased by four times the smaller, the result is 40. Find the numbers.

4) The sum of two numbers is 4 less than twice the larger. If the larger is decreased by three times the smaller, the result is -20. Find the numbers.

Please help. Thanks soo much guys!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most of these questions are pretty simple. So 'x' will represent the first number. The second number will be represented by whatever it says to do to the other number.

    1) x+(x+5)=44. 'x+5' being the second number.

    2) x+(x-3)=75. 'x-3' being the second number.

    And just to show you how to solve them. x+(x+5)=44. 2x+5=44. 2x=39. x=19.5 1st # is 19.5, 2nd # is 24.5 Hope this helps :)

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