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Am I a Squirter? (Personal intimate question serious answers please)?

Okay this is an odd question and I'm Pretty unsure of the answer (which is a first lol )

By squirt I mean "female ejaculation"

When I first started having sexual intercourse and having foreplay, I noticed that when I got really turned on and when I had things inserted into me roughly and deep, I notice that I got a very very hard, deep, pressure feeling and then loads of liquid would just gush out, I've soaked seats, beds all sorts. Its even squirted the back of my ex seat when fooling around in back seat. Then it never really happened again because I didn't to much long foreplay, the pressure is just too intense, but I did NOT orgasm. And I didn't think anything of it, and just thought i got "too wet". Its only now after its happened since and people have talked about this problem, and searching and asking about it, that I am now wondering if am I a squirter? Its really confusing because it says that it only happens when a women Orgasms. And in porn films it only seems to portray this to be fact.

I don't orgasm when this happens, its when my G-spot is "over worked" It gets really sensitive up there and after having my son 3 years ago, I would say I get the urge to "PUSH" but its pleasurable and Intense, and then LOADS of stuff comes out of me. But I feel it from inside my vagina, I keep reading it comes from a women's urethra. I'm really confused. Does any other women have this? And am I a gusher/Squirter?

Sorry if this is a bit to much for some people. I just really want to know. My bf thinks its female ejaculation but I dont know.

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    Squirting is involuntary urination so it's not really something to be achieved. It can happen due to extra pressure being put on the urinary tract during vaginal stimulation/sex. There is no such thing as female ejaculation. The female body does not have any glands large enough to hold enough fluid to squirt. There is only one place it can come from and that's the bladder.

    What you call your "g-spot" being overworked is really your bladder-control being pushed to it's limit. You should try to avoid the feeling of pressure on your bladder. You don't wanna end up with a bladder incontinence problem.

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    Alrighty then, you ma'am are a squirter. Now the part of it being accompanied by an orgasm is usually true, but not always. My fiance is a squirter as well, and yes, she describes it just the same since she had her son 3 years ago. She pushes when the pressure builds up, and out it comes with all its glory, lol. Especially after sex, when we have been going pretty rough or fast, after we both climax, i will pull back and "relieve" the pressure that is build up :) lol.

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    It sounds like you are a squirter, which if I had a woman that did that, it would really turn me on. I've only seen women do it when watching porn and it seems to me that they are having and orgasm from squirting. I know I probably shouldn't be watching porn but I don't want to cheat on my wife.

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    yep, i am too. i have without orgasming, in fact that is usually the case.

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