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Am I not worth anything?

Feel free to criticize. I am a 19 year old male who majors in anthropology. Simply, I am growing tired of being single. I don't see anything in it. All I do is study and go with friends, but it can only last so long. I just wish I met a woman who cared about or liked me. Since the beginning of this semester, I met like 16 females and they either think I am nothing, a nerd, a loser, too exuberant when I get close with them, or they become my friends, which I find really useless. Not long ago, I met a girl who seems chill. but doesn't want to like talk much or kick it. What can I do? I make excuses for doing study groups just to meet women, but they all reject me, as a person. I wish I wasn't single. Honestly, I do cry pretty much all the time knowing I am single. I still have my 4.0, but I hate the fact I face loneliness everyday. What is it about me? I am sorry, but I am too nice. I can't help it. I don't have anybody to share a laugh or to hold their hands. I tried not being shy and its not even helping. I need help because I have been like for 5 years and then it led to depression since. Also, I am a Hispanic male, in which I don't have a chance with Caucasian females. =(

Christmas is around the corner, no female. Very tragic for me. *sobs*

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You gotta read up on what makes women tick. You've got to act more natural with them. Do you endlessly compliment them when they're around,? That always results in rejection. Be more of a bad boy. Make fun of them from time to time. When they make fun of you, insult them right back. Women like a man who puts up a fight.

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