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Weird symptoms. please help.?

this is the second time im posting this question cuz i need better answers. here it is: Ok, im a 14 year old boy. I smoke cigarettes and weed. Though its been about a week. Ive been sick for four weeks. But right now i feel extrramly high but i have not drank or smoked within a week (not including cigs) and i feel dizzy. I feel i may have a bad symptom and im not sure if it is because i smoke or not. But i cant gocus and feel drunk. Sorry ig i font make mucj sense, im trying my hardest. Please help me. Ive been feeling like this for what feels like an hour or two though my sense of time is also blurred. Please help me.

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    You need to go see a doctor and tell him/her the truth, you are a minor, there shouldn't be any serious consequences in telling them the truth, and your health is more valuable than anything else. Go now!

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