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we are writing a peom about someone in our family. i'm writing mine about my sister. i'm stuck on a line where it says "Quien siente...(3- sentimientos y di cuando y donde los sientes)" What is it saying to put for that line? please help, this is a project due tomorrow, and my spanish skills are very poor :(

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    Who is feeling? Feelings or emotions and say when and where these feelings are being felt.

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    Spanish from Spain is drastically distinctive from the only utilized in so much Latin America, nonetheless on this specified recreation the glory in no longer vital. Anyway, it is providing you with solutions and asking you to put in writing questions that could acquire those solutions. a million. Mi padre se llama Tom (My father's title is Tom) ¿Cómo se llama su padre? (What's your father's title) two.No, no tengo un tio (No, I would not have an uncle) ¿Tiene usted un tío? (Do you've gotten an uncle?) three. hay catorce personas mi familia (There are fourteen humans in my household) ¿Cuantas personas hay en su familia? (How many humans are there for your household?) four. Si mi sobrina es sorda (Yes, my niece is deaf) ¿Es sorda su sobrina? (Is your niece deaf?) five. Su hermana america lentes (His/her sister wears glasses) ¿Usa lentes su hermana? (Does his/her sister put on glasses?) 6. Ella es mi nieta (She's my granddaughter) ¿Quien es ella? (Who is she?) - or - ¿Es ella su nieta? ( Is she your granddaughter?) For this I'm making use of the extra formal "usted" rather of "tu". They can be utilized interchangeably, however usted is extra generally utilized in formal written duties for humans finding out Spanish. Hope this is helping! :)

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    It says the following: "Who feels... (3- feelings and say where and when you feel them)".

    I hope this helped.

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    It means : Who feels ( feelings and say when and where they feel )

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