5-8 PG Research Paper?

So I've been having the most difficult time on finding a topic..or how to approach my interested topics and putting it into 8 pages worth of information. I'm used to teachers giving topics.

I kind of want to do a paper on the...amazing-ness of pregnancy. Honestly I don't know how to word it, so please no judgment on my description. I think Pregnancy is fascinating. but a 5-8 paper? is that possible, how do i narrow it?

Please help..it's due Tuesday and I've changed mny topic so much...I just want to get it done with now.


I am in college. so before anyone asks, it wouldn't be an innappropriate topic.

Plus I have a child so I do have first hand experience of my Own that I could incorporate

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  • 8 years ago
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    Try to think of 4 topics related to your subject matter. Write one page about each. Then, write an introduction and a conclusion and you will have 5 pages. Even if it ends up a little less than 5, turn it in anyway

  • 8 years ago

    First write a LONNNNNNGGGG introduction like an anecdote hopefully that takes up one page.

    Next, write a paragraph of all the good things of a pregnancy and use lots of quotes. you can even tell about pregnancies in different countries

    After that, write about the cons

    After that, tell an upside to all the cons

    Lol honestly i don't know but i hoped this helped use big words and good luck

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