Can someone answer my questions about the Playstation Vita?

As a kid/teen I always had a Playstation, but then at some point I switched over to Xbox. I find the Xbox doesn't have a lot of rpgs and stuff, and I'm interested in the PS vita for the Assassin's Creed Revelations game and the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts re-releases (my favorite games to give you an idea of what I like).

I see it comes with wi-fi... is it possible to have it with 3g? How does that work, is there a "plan"? Is it worth it?

What's the best bundle and would this be good for someone like me from what I described? Pros/cons? Other options?

Thanks so much! I will pick a best answer right away.

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    8 years ago
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    Yes you are correct. It comes in 2 versions.

    The one with 3g is basically the same as the wifi version. It has wifi, but also 3g so you can access content online. Yes, you will need a data plan from AT&T to access 3g.

    The downsides of 3g is that it's more expensive to buy and to own because of the monthly plan. Not only that, but sony announced that you won't be able to play online games on 3g anyways, you will need a wifi connection.

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    a million. That hasn't been revealed yet - this is a probability yet i reckon this isn't any longer likely 2. My estimate is approximately 3 or 4 hours of stable gaming 3. this is popping out tremendously on the brink of Christmas, so a lot of persons would be procuring them and the fee won't be dropped for some months 4. confident particularly - the video games at the instant being marketed for the Vita are purely those that are popping out today with it, activities video games is generally further out on the Vita on a similar time as they're on dwelling house consoles 5. properly it wont be particularly as effective, the xbox is a house console in spite of everything. inspite of the undeniable fact that this is particularly the closest you're gonna get from a hand-held, this is for specific. there's a lot of tech packed into that gadget, and that i mean lots.

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    If your into Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts I would go with a good old fashion PSP. Final Fantasy Crisis core and Kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep are not avaible on the PSN.

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