Types of alcoholic shots... for 21st birthday?

Okay, so my 21st birthday is coming and I was wondering what types of shot or drink I should take?

I'm not much of a drinker, but its my 21st birthday and I think I should at least take some shots!! I was thinking of taking 21 shots because it my 21st birthday. So can you guys help me out?

what types of shot or drinks should I have? If you can make me a list [=

i don't know if I'm going to go to a bar/club or stay home with friends and family! Hope that gives you an idea.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Jell-O shots, kamikazes, jolly rancher shots, the porn star. They're all pretty good but if its straight go for pucker, Jameson, Jose Cuervo, or patron.

    Source(s): Google Wikipedia and personal selection.
  • 8 years ago

    If you try to take 21 shots, you may well end up in the emergency room for your 21st birthday. That 's way too much liquor for even an experienced drinker.

  • John
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    8 years ago

    21 shots of liquor ? bet you dont make it to 10

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