Can anyone give me an idea to make some money?

I am 13 by the way.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If there's anyone close to you who breeds dogs, you might ask them if they need help cleaning or feeding them. They might need help for a night out. I wish I had a responsible teen living close by for such an occasion. It's hard to get away because there's no way I can let my puppies go without being fed.

    Just an idea.

  • 8 years ago

    Do something that will prepare you for adulthood and that's profitable.

    You might try going to the .99 cent store or Dollar tree and getting a bunch of Iphone/Itouch cases, and paint them up custom with designs and maybe your school colors or something like that. Buy five of them, design them how you want them, sell them each for $10 each, that's $45 profit.

    or you could make cookies/cupcakes and have your mom or dad go with you to sell to neighbors.

    You can wash cars, start a dry-cleaners delivery service, where you make a flyer on your computer and give to your neighbors. You offer to pick up their clothes and take them to the cleaners, the cleaner will give you the amount it'll take to clean them, and you charge $2 on top of that amount for each item.

    There are several ways a young person can make extra money! You're smart and will figure it out.

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    4 years ago

    You men would: ~Babysit ~Dog-stroll ~Dog-sit down ~now not lemonade stand however HOT COCOA stand--installed thermus to preserve hot ~shovel snow for friends whilst it snows ~chores to your mum and dad/allowance ~chores for friends ~cross to a nearby library and skim to more youthful youngsters --ask if you happen to receives a commission ~dont cross to the mall, store your cash! ~make greeting playing cards or scrapbook pages --Valentine's Day playing cards ~teach different peers or more youthful pupils ~have a mini storage sale and promote a few of your toys on-line ~promote a few stuff on ebay!! haha good GOOD LUCK!! I desire you and peers can arise with anything to can help you all cross to camp!! HAVE FUN!!

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