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My new best friend (love of my life) is moving. Were practically Boyfriend Girlfriend-HS. Both hav depression?

Im a male Junior in highschool. She is a freshman. I met her about 3 months ago and she is moving during Christmas Break , so Dec 22 or 23. She is moving about 900miles away, and she has no family here so she wont visit over summer.

We have grown our friendship and we are both so similar it scares me. Within the last month after she broke up with her boyfriend she admitted she truly loves me cause i care about her so much. I love her too. We would be bf and gf if she wasnt moving but we agreed we don't want to get wrapped up in that since shes moving so soon.She has said im her Prince Charming, she has openly admitted also she wants to marry me. She has good reasons to want to. I love her too, mayb even more.

Sooo. How can i cope with her moving? How can she cope with not being able to see me?. A major reason we grew close together was we are so similar- we both have severe depression and we both have stress from school, and so many things-like our priorities, morals, beliefs in god, focus on school, list goes on and on.

And this is the major catch. The two dreamuniversities I want to go to are less than 20miles from where she is moving. I am going to have a lot of trouble getting into either one of the private.universities i want to go to. Average ACT is 30+ to get in. On practice ACTs ive taken im expected a 23ish....So with knowing I actually do have a chance to meet her further down the road is going to make it extremely.difficult for me to move on. I don't have many other friends to lean on through this whole ordeal

Any suggestions are welcome. Sorry for long story. Thankyou

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    sounds hard yet good day guy in case you adore her and also you fairly care then once you're previous adequate (AND able ) to flow away you should do it yet for now i dont imagine there no longer a lot you would possibly want to do yet keep in contact

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