Why does he touch me so much?

At least once a month we go to visit my moms friend, they live kinda far away.

She has a son and a daughter, her son is around the same age as me, I'm 15 he's 14.

When our parents get together they usually want us to go play a game or something in the other room because they're talking and having a drink and stuff and they don't want teenagers and little kids around.

The little kids run off and do whatever lol

But then since we are the only teenagers we hang out, so everytime I go to his room to play wii or something, he doesn't want me to :\

And whenever I have to leave the room to see what the little kids are doing he follows me stands behind me and usually puts his arms around my rib cage area or puts his arms around my shoulders.

I just laugh because I don't know what else to do!

He likes to randomly poke me in my sides a lot and wants me to lay down so he can tickle me

It's really weird xD

He squeezes my sides a lot

And he stares at my chest very often

He also likes play fighting a lot

When his sister is in the room she just smiles and leaves.

Why does he touch me so much?

When eve people ask him of he likes me he just says no he doesn't.

My friends have all met him and they all come up with the same assumption :\


Thanx in advance

No rude answers please ^.^

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    It's his "mating instincts" kicking in. Around your age your animal instincts to have kids kicks in and guys produce testosterone which makes them want to impregnate every girl they see. It's pretty difficult for guys to control so your best bet is to only hang out with guys in mixed company and have more female friends. When girls grow boobs it's an unconscious sign to males that you're fertile and ready to have kids, so instincts just kick in. Whatever you do, don't get pregnant, that's the most important thing. Get a good job first or it will make your life a living nightmare.

  • 8 years ago

    He likes you but he just isn't very matured so he does that to get closer to you. If you like him let him do it if you don't like him then don't let him do it. Hope i helped.

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