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Is being Alcohol abstinence unhealthy?

I'm 22 the last time I drank was 7 years ago when I was 15. I often feel good that I don't drink or have a real need to. However I also feel that I'm excluded from social events because I don't drink or, I'm only called to be DD. I've always had a social life but, its on the decline and especially since I've moved for work and I'll go out with people to the bar (since it's a common pass time.) to socialize. But even though I don't have be drunk to get naked. I don't get naked but, that my personality. I feel as if I'm never invited back because people feel awkward being at the bar with some one sober. I personally have always felt that not having a social life is unhealthy.

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    Never let others to make you feel less of yourself. You do not need to drink to have a social life, you simply need to start to demand that your choices are respected.

    If they do not invite you, tough luck *for them*.....

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