Printer Problem words cut?

I have a canon pixma mg3100 and I printed like 3 of the same thing. The same words are cut over and over and the bottom half of the words are shifted towards the right. Some of the sentences however print out correctly. How do I fix this problem?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It is kind of difficult to understand what actually the problem with the provided description.

    The word cut off could be due to many issue, I list some of them here:

    1. Paper size incorrectly choose or loaded into the printer, example, the different in A4 and Letter size paper may result into the cut off since the printer may think that the paper is larger than the actually loaded.

    2. Driver Issue - Either the wrong incompatibility printer driver installed or corrupted driver file. These can be resolve by re-installing the correct printer driver.

    3. Printer Device issue - head alignment or similar issue. Some printer/driver provide a way to check the head alignment and fix them.

    4. Sensor/Mechanical failure - if not any of the above, it could be this one, where you may need to get service person to drop in to check or send the printer for check and repair.

    Hope that help.

    Source(s): From experience.
  • danko
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    4 years ago

    First step is to confirm will if it print a try web page bypass to start up, settings, printers. properly click on the printer, houses, print try web page. If that doesn't paintings there might want to be a head cleansing determination in houses which will make it clean the print heads. If there continues to be no longer some thing after that then both it’s badly clogged, low or out of ink, and needs to get replaced

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