How do you start Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showings in your town?

I live in Puerto Rico and I would like to get a cast do do midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture show in my town. How would I go about that? What permits do you need? What should I ask at the theatre? etc.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If there is a local independent theatre, perhaps one that shows retro movies, approach them about a one time screening. If they go for that thats when you start gathering a cast. Start with friends, facebook posts, etc and find all the local Rocky Horror fans in Puerto Rico. Make costume and rehearse. At the same time advertise the show. Make it a big production. If the show is a success and there is a big turnout, talk to the theatre manager about doing it again.

    Don't worry about the getting the rights to the movie. Thats for the theatre to worry about. If they regularly show Twentieth Century Fox movies they can get a print from their regular distributor. If they dont they can get one from Criterion Pictures. I highly recommend you leave that aspect up to the venue.

    Good luck!

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