In the end I guess I still questioned even now, if he has any feelings for me? I feel that he did?

Right now, I haven't talked too him in like over 2 weeks because people were like saying you're he doesn't like you, get it through your head, and mean things like this. They've been saying this stuff for a while now. So since I haven't been messing with him or anything he's been kinda staring at me like a Lunch or sometimes In class.

7th grade

His name is Andrew I met him in the 7th grade and I’ve known him for 3 years we were both really shy and reserved. We only had lunch together but we had our little chats and laughs through the year. I started too write letters too him in the 7th grade too I would always decorate them and ask his friends to give it too him and stuff he would say “he didn’t care, if I liked him or not”/”He didn’t care” and stuff.

Strange Things He did in 7th grade?

1. Sometimes stare at me at lunch

2. Say I'm ugly, and act mean

3. Says he doesn't like me

4. When I would be going to class I would see him at the door and he would turn the other way.

5. Look at the ground a lot, and runaway from me when he saw me.

Next 8th grade?

Then, 8th grade we were in the same classes, we got to know each other a little better we barely talked I still wrote Letters too him (my bad communication skills) and he would still occasionally stare at me but when I would try and talk too him he would be a jackass sometimes especially when his friends were around. We spent the last day of 8th grade together too.

1. He used to stare at me occasionally in class

2. He always said he hates me and junk like this

3. He hit me a few times,

9th Grade

Now, I'm in 9th grade I have one class with him and see him at lunch I still sincerely like him a lot I mean sure he's hurt me a lot and can be a jackass but come on he's dealt with me for like 3 years I really care and like him, truly no matter what.

One day we were at lunch and I was trying to warn him about some teachers and he wouldn't listen so I grabbed his book bag and wouldn't let go even though he tried too get my hand off. He ended up going too one of the adults and saying "Umm..she keeps on bothering me" and I said "I'm trying to warn him about the teachers ".

And the lady got all irratated or something and then I got back to the table to try too tell him that he shouldn't have done that and that I have a bad feeling that something bad was going too happen.

We start talking about why I keep messing with him and etc.

And he says "Just do other hobbies", And I said "Do other hobbies"that's not going to fix anything Wong,it's really not!"And then I said "I've been through like 6 therapies and nothing's really working" and then he said "Well maybe you're not trying hard enough! (OMG)".

I started to get angry because he started ticking his watch too 3 minutes and was watching count down! Then I said "your so lucky I have control right now or I would've smashed your face into the window", then he said "that's a threat she's threatening me", I got fussy and walked out!

To have a better idea of our relationship you can view my later question (you can just read it too have a better idea of his feelings)

Visit my profile and read my previous threads to know more about our relationship and stuff

Ummm I confessed too him in a letter it said

Dear. (His name)

I have something I want to tell you

(1,2, 3) I have a crush on you,

I was too scared to tell you in person, because I was

afraid I would have a panic attack or something I am very timid

You may probably know my feelings already

I tried to hide my feelings because everyone

kept telling me "he doesn't like you" or stalker

But I honestly wanted too tell you I have

been wanting to tell you this since like

7th - 8th grade.


I asked one of his friends he has class with too give him

the letter he received it he told me read that's it.

I had next mod with him and he acted like kinda weird maybe uncomfortable

like he wasn't mad but he started at me a little bit

and tried not too pay any attention to me.

Then at the end of the day he just kinda walked around in

circles I was a few mill-miters away and he didn't say really anything

I just got this very strange vibe from him? He was kinda looking at the

ground too I think.

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    He might have been acting like that in the past because he doesn't know to act around you. if he was acting weird he might have been uncomfortable because if it was me It would feel a bit awkward. So you should just try to talk to him and see if he likes you back

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