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Want to foster kitten!?

My parents don't want me to foster a kitten, but I'd REALLY like one. They don't want the kitten to "destroy the house" even though I've told them multiple times multiple ways to avoid this. I'd really like to experience this and learn more about taking care of a kitten. They just won't listen. I think they would even enjoy it themselves if they would stop being so stubborn! They are completely against the idea and get mad when I bring it up. How do I convince them to let me try it? And also, I'm looking for actual answers and NOT rude comments! Help!

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    Then you're out of luck. No shelter is going to allow YOU, a child, to foster a kitten. Your PARENTS would have to be trained in the shelter's program and then be the ones to provide care for this kitten.

    Your parents pay for a roof over your head, to feed you, to clothe you, to give you everything you need. So stop whining. Fostering a kitten is a LOT of work. Kittens in foster care are orphans that need to be fed around the clock. How are you going to that while you're at elementary school?

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    It is true that cats and kittens can do damage to a house, depending on the animal. But there are ways to avoid that. A cat tree or good scratching post helps. Trimming the claws can help. Playing with the cat can also help, as well as keeping enough litter boxes in the house.

    You might consider asking your parents if you can help at a rescue group. This might mean that you could help with an adoption event or even help clean the kitty enclosures. That way, you can be around the cats, and you might even get the opportunity to foster if your parents change their minds once the get to know the people. Try for leagues, or go to your local pet supply store to find the leagues.

    But, even if you can't foster, you can still be around the animals.

    Have you considered offering "cat sitting" services? That might mean that if you are around over Christmas break, you could offer to care for the pets of neighbors (if you are old enough), by going to their houses and feeding, playing with and cleaning up after the animals. Put flyers on mailboxes or doors, and see if you get anyone to hire you. That would be a good opportunity to be around animals, without them actually being at your house. You could even make some money!

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    just tell them i want this for responsability and ell them lets just try it for a little bit

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