Too many hobbies, help?

I'm definitely not trying to brag. I have too many hobbies I love to write stories and scripts for films (wrote two stories and scripts) , I love to film and edit (i edited many family videos) computer presentations (prezi and glogster), dance (choreographed my quincenera and my cousins too :)), sing (many compliments), paint (with melted crayons I love that), draw (mostly anime and comic) I love magic tricks (I planning to do a magic show for my grandparents), and debate.

I am trying to plan for my future college and I don't know what to major in, or what college to go to that has great programs or classes for each talent (ex: NYU is has a great school of arts and Yale is great to go to for studying liberal arts)

I am a sixteen year old female and a junior in high school I don't want to be undecided for college then it would kill me with all these decisions. I'm scared that I would get bored of my class and class hop (changing classes/majors constantly) and that would cost a lot of money.

I know this is a blessing to be......I don't know.... "multi-talented" but I feel like its a curse that keeps annoyingly poking at me.

Please any suggestions or solutions would do to help this problem.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I wish I had 1 talent.

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