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What should I do if I don't want to go to college?

I don't want to go to college because I'm too depressed and can't bring myself to do anything anymore. I figure I'd probably fail out and waste money. (I applied for college anyway, but I'm sure I won't go)

I was wondering what I should do after I graduate high school. I'm not sure where to go from there. I would get a job (or possibly 2), of course, but what else should I do? I want to see and experience new things. For once, I'd like to feel happy. Any suggestions?

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    You're no longer a kid so you'll need to become financially independent. Get a job, gain some work experience, and pay your bills.

    Volunteering will allow you to contribute to and make a difference in your community. It'll will help your self esteem and help you to take the focus from yourself onto others.

    You need to see a social worker, counsellor, etc. about your depression. If you're too depressed to do anything or function in daily life, you need to see a mental health professional.

    Best of luck!

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    You want to be happy, huh? Then why don't you become a traveler. I have a friend who is a traveler with no money at all that he has to apply part-time jobs at his destinations to survive. Yeah, it's a tough life but from what I see, he's very happy indeed. However, if you're planning on doing this, make sure you have a tough mental and physical ability and a little bit of money(for passports, etc). I would recommend going to Asia or Europe for your tour. Have a nice trip :)

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    u shud talk to ur parents first or if u think they cant help u, u shud really see a psychiatrist to talk about ur depression and get urself fixed up first. if u consider urself depressed then YOU ARE IN NO CONDITION TO BE THINKING ABOUT LIFE CHANGING DECISIONS!! u need to be holistically healthy. if u decide to make this decision now in this state and eventually make the wrong choice, u will eternally regret it in the future. and u really need a degree in something these days as the unemployment rate in america(whch is where i assume ur from) is around 8% so college really is THE BEST DECISION. Trust u shud also think about God in these times in your life

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    You can find a job and be financially independent

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