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Can I get psychological help?

I don't know where to begin. I feel an eminent doom. All my life I get crazy thoughts, now I feel like everything is too much for me to handle.


To summarize:

As a child, my mother gave me away. I lost memory of all the bad details but I still remeber the ways I used to cry and scream each time I was given to a flight attendant. I lived in another country. I don't remember much else about my childhood. I tell people that I had amnesia because I really cant understand and comprehend how I forgot who my parent was. At age 9 i was brought back to live with my mother.

I am haunted and confused by the constant blured memory of sleeping next to my mother every night until age 15, where she used to masturbate while laying next to me. At age 9, she took me to a pediatrician who checked my genitals. I lived with my grandmother who used to make me feel terrible about myself. My mother was always working graveyard shifts. I spent 6 years like this. My grandmother caught a seizure in front of my eyes one day and that was the beginning of the end for her. I became close to her as I grew up because i spent most of my time wi

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    we all feel like this in some point in our life. we just cant give up on this life, we only get one. we have to try our best and fight these battles. of course we cant fight on our own, God is there with us and he wants us to depend from Him and he will gladly help us get through ANYTHING, He PROMISED us. dont get too caught up we all go through really tough situations

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    You can start by consulting a therapist to discuss your mental "issues" and try to balance your life out. Start by figuring out a way to handle your daily needs, chores, musts, etc and work from there. Get an itinerary and work with that. If after a while you still feel doomed than consult a psychiatrist and see if you can be diagnosed with depression, social anxiety, etc. The first step though is to consult for help and try to balance and strategies everything.

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