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Can I skip the sugar pills on my birth control?

I have been on birth control for about a year but I recently got my pills switched to Necon. I'll be flying to California to see my boyfriend in a few weeks and needless to say, I don't want my period that week. So can I skip the white sugar pills and just go straight into the yellow hormone pills? Will this stop me from getting my period at all this month (what I want) and will it cause any medical issues? Thank you for your help.

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    If Necon® is monophasic (all the pills have the same dose), then yes you may skip your period.

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    How recently did you switch pills? What kind of pills were you taking prior to Necon?

    Yes, you can skip taking the white inactive/placebo pills and instead move straight into the active yellow pills of a new pack. Skipping periods works best when using a monophasic pill (the level of hormones remain the same in each active pill), and Necon is a monophasic pill. This SHOULD cause you to skip a period, as long you take your pills correctly and consistently (every day and at the same time each day) until then. I say should, because sometimes it doesn't work out like we hope, but it's definitely worth a shot. If you've been taking your pills as you should, and you've been on Necon for at least a couple months, then it should work for you.

    Skipping a period will not cause any medical issues. Nor will it reduce the effectiveness of the pill against preventing pregnancy. In fact, by taking the pill pack to pack without that -7day break from hormones, it actually makes your pill slightly more effective, as long as you take those active pills correctly and consistently (I can't stress this enough). And it also shouldn't cause any cycle irregularities other than the one missed period, because it is a monophasic pill. So give it a shot. Once you reach that last week of pills, skip those and jump to the active pills of a new pack. That next pack, I would take as instructed, including the placebo week that would trigger a withdrawal bleed, just to rule out pregnancy. Good luck to you!

    Source(s): I have been on Necon 1/35 for almost 6 years, birth control pills in general for over 12 years. Occasionally I'll take my pills pack to pack, skipping the placebos, so that I can skip my periods for a couple months on end. The only problem I've had with doing this is, if I go too long without that withdrawal bleed, I'll start spotting.
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    Yes you can skip them, they're just to keep you in the habit of it daily. I skip mine and always start a new pack a week later.

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    It's dangerous to do so. Your body is on a very specific cycle, you should not mess with it anymore.

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