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How many values of the function f(x)=cos(x^2) will you have to calculate in order to approx:?

integral cos(x^2)dx from 0 to 1 w/error not exceeding 10^-4 if you choose to use trapezoidal formula?

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    OK Xan--

    This integral can't be evaluated exactly--has to be numerical

    Formula for the area = (1/2n)*(cos(x0)+2*cos(x1) + 2*cos(x2)+.....2*cos(xn-1) + cos(xn)).

    Area is approx = 0.9045 so you're looking for 0.9044 to 0.9046. Going to take quite a few points....more than 5 for sure

    Source(s): Math tutor for several years.
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