My dog is limping, can you help?

Hello! I'm going to start off by saying there is a long description so I can accurately describe everything. My dog Madison is a distemper survivor. She had it when she was a puppy when they overdosed the vaccine. She almost died, and has had a never ending tick in her front right paw, which is a permanent scar of the disease that cannot be healed. It does not cause her pain, and she is not hindered in any way, other than occasionally taking a bad step if something startles her. She runs, jumps, plays. She is actually one of the fastest dogs I have ever seen. But anyways... She is two years now, and just about a week ago she began having trouble with her right hind leg. She does not want to put weight on it. Some days she'll be almost 100% and sprint around like a racehorse. For the past 3 days we have not let her do that to see if it will heal. She doesn't like to put weight on it especially after sleep or a long time laying down. I have gone over her leg and inspected every inch and found no swelling. I moved her leg in every direction, pushed it, pulled it, squeezed, and was not distressed in the least. But she still hops around like it hurts to walk on it. Could this be an effect of her neurological disorder? It seems odd because there is no tick, convulsion, or uncontrolled movements in her back right leg (The newly hurt one). What do you think it is? Also, she has bad allergies and ears, and is given two tablets of Benadryl (Which we were told to do by the vet) every morning.

Also, please do not say "Take her to the vet."

Whilst her going through the treatment and after exams of distemper, also when she was learning to cope with the constant twitch in her front leg, we took her to the vet. The only thing they can do is prescribe muscle relaxant.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Take a good look at her leg to make sure there aren't any cuts or foreign objects stuck in the leg or on the paw (look between the toes too). If you don't see any cause for the limping, and she doesn't appear to be in severe pain, you hold off on taking her to the vet right away, it sounds like she may have just overdid it on your walk. You didn't mention her age, but for an older dog, twice the normal walk could cause some soreness. Dogs can also pull muscles, or just step at a weird angle and cause a minor injury. Young dogs often have growing pains, but it could also be something more serious such as hip dyplasia. Have her take it easy the next couple days, no walks at all. If she's still limping after a few days and you see no improvement, then take her into the vet.

  • 8 years ago

    I'm sorry, but you need to take your dog to the vet. No one will be able to diagnose your dog properly over the internet. If she is a distemper survivor, why would you make her suffer through this?

    She clearly is still having issues with the newly injured leg . Please at least call your vet this morning and tell then what is going on and see what they recommend.

    Source(s): I am a Vet Assistant
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