Someone please help me with quick scoping. I'm " ok" but I want to be FANTASTIC?

I've been looking all on YouTube on how to quickscope, but num really help.. I'm ok at quickscoping I've been doing it for 4 months.. But when I get online I just seem to miss a lot of my shots.. I've been having good games lately until last night. A lot of people say line up your shots but if your up against someone with a machine fun you won't have time to.. Btw how long does it take to get really good at it.. Like.. Optic predator type good.. Please help me!!! Give me ALL of the info you know. Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    PRACTICE Makes perfection my friend if can do pretty good that thats AWESOME but when it comes to being AMAZING you have to really devote alot of your time to it and really no life it ... like 1v1 with your friends in private matches all day im serious if u have no one to practice with and have PS3 u can add me if u want ill play with u and teach u a bit HDSic is my PSN if u have xbox message me on youtube and i can help u a bit more SeckzSouL is my youtube ill be glad to help but its REALLY hard to explain these kinds of things over the internet :P

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