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10 POINTS! how do i fix things with him? please help?

me and my ex broke up only 6 weeks ago.. and he is rebounding with a new girl he has only known for like 3 weeks.. theyve been hanging out like everyday i guess :(.. i still love him with all my heart even though he pretty much shattered it when he left.. he broke up with me because we were arguing and he was really stressed (lost his job and he has alooot of family stuff going on) i miss him like you wouldnt imagine and i am still 100% head over heals inlove with him i cant just let that go.. i know its kinda pathetic and please dont just say move on i want to know how i can get him back.. i want us back.. and its not because i miss the relationship i could go be with a few different guys but i want HIM he is honestly the only one i want to be with,, i love him with all my heart please just how do i get him back? (p.s. im 18 he is 19.. and his new woman has a baby.. and its not his..) also my birthday is todayyy and he hasnt even said happy birthday... (i still have a bunch of his stuff and he has mine but he hasnt come to get it or given mine back even tho i ask for it) (we were together for 6 months) this new girl posts pictures of him on facebook all the time and i actually jut cry everytime i cant imagine myself with anyone else and i cant believe he moved on so fast.. how do i get my boyfriend back.. and please dont say move on because that is out of the question

we were talking and i know hes dating that chick. ick, but he agreed that when he gets home we can meet up for coffee but how do get him away from her and back to me.... pleaseee helpp

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    .Forget the good times.Remember the lies,deceit and broken promises.I know you're waiting for the crumbs off his plate.So he condescends have coffee with you.How noble and generous of him. What he's really saying is hang around till i'm ready.This I know is not the answer you want.Good luck lass and honestly he's not worth your time

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