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Ideas for my 55 gallon freshwater tank?

I traded my xbox for a tank and id like some suggestions on environments and different kinds of fish. Leave some suggestions please and thanks!

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    I really like having schools of fish, because they all swim together as a group and it's really fun to watch. A really cheap and easy fish to start off with that schools would be the neon tetra (or the bigger version: the cardinal tetra). Eventually you could have 30 of those guys in one tank (but only get 5 at a time per week) and put decoration in the center, and they will swim around it.

    If you don't like that idea, there are plenty of different combinations to do! If you want to do a mixed community tank, that's always fun, but don't just get one of every fish. Your tank will look super weird, you should have at least 5 of each thing (ex: 5 platys, 5 hatchetfish, etc).

    If you want to do this type of tank, start from the bottom up. You will want bottom feeders to eat the scraps off the floor. I really like catfish for this. My favorite type of catfish is the sterbai cory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corydoras_sterbai but any kind of corydoras catfish will be fine for your purposes. I would get 5-6 of them for your tank. Make sure you have bottom feeder pellets for them!

    Next, you need to get middle fish, ones that will swim in the middle level of the tank. Any kind of tetra will be great for this. I would suggest getting 12 neon tetras for the middle.

    Next, you need a top level fish. These fish are distinguishable from their upturned mouths. A molly or platy would be great for this. Get at least 5-6 of them to start. The reason for all the different "levels" is so you don't have empty areas of your tank, you'll always have fish swimming around in each area.

    The fish I mentioned for this community tank are all really good for beginners. You should start with easy fish and then move on up to more complicated fish as you get more experience. You still have plenty of room in your tank after getting the fish I mentioned.

    Ps - get a couple snails to help with algae control as well!

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    this is a approximately as extraordinary a mix as i've got considered and not something like an suited aquarium is, and it might desire to no longer artwork out so properly by way of fact fifty 5 gallons isn't huge for all of the fish you're describing. Cory cats are so tiny whilst in comparison with huge clown loaches. Clown loaches are extensive and desire greater suitable tanks. Needlefish desire calm tanks. Angel fish are territorial, as are puffers. crayfish consume small fish. rainbow sharks might combat with one yet another. this is a tank full of oddball fish with different desires and a lot of which require a lot of area.

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    :) Well, that was one awesome trade! :D You could have:

    10 Dwarf puffer fish ( Most can only live with others of their kind )


    1 Comet or Common goldfish ( Need 3x filtration )


    6 Blind cave tetras

    6 Lemon tetras

    6 Bleeding heart tetras

    And 12 skirt tetras :) ( Need heater )

    :) I'd suggest tetras. I Have 4 Blind caves and 3 lemons with a sun cat, and they do GREAT! Just offer hiding spots/plants/decor and some gravel and away you go! :D

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    I'd say a cichlid tank but that is b/c I would love to have one of my own. I love redtailed sharks and rainbow sharks. You could also do a really pretty community tank with some glass catfish, danios, tetras, etc

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    1. FRESHwater

    2. COMMUNITY fish...semi-aggressive and aggressive are pretty (like the cichlids) but hard to mix with

    3. People recommend planted tanks..but I think the lights are too expensive so go with silk or plastic if youre on a budget..

    4. Put some nice sized decoration rocks in there, anything for fish to swim through or hide in (cave-like) so they can be comfortable

    5. Nice substrate that isnt jagged or sharp (some fish like clown loaches like to dig for food particles)

    6. I have a 75 gallon tank that is WELL-FILTERED and still receives weekly water changes since it is stocked well.


    8. Make sure your tank is established (cycled) before you add your fish to it. I had mine running a week without fish in it and BOY was i impatient! The "PROPER" cycling if youre really crazy about it takes 4-6 weeks approximately. I would research the nitrogen cycle if I were you..there are ways to speed the process up by adding TETRA SAFE START (which has the nitrifying bacteria in it) and tablets you can buy at pet stores that de-chlorinate your water...initial start up is the biggest pain in the butt of the whole fishtank process...so once youre past that, you're golden, ponyboy..lol!

    9. KEEP ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS since some fish MAY DIE and most stores offer a return policy if you bring back the dead fish if its in the "30 day policy" and they'll replace it for you

    10. Feed your fish a variety of food

    I LOVE MY BLACK GHOST KNIFE! get one if your tank is big enough! Ppl will advise you not to because "They grow up to a foot long and eat all your fish" Mine is still the same size MAYBE A TAD BIGGER as when I got him and he doesnt even bother my other fish..he is noctournal though..so he mainly hides til the lights go out when its his feeding time

    -1 angel fish -1 black ghost knife (my all time favorite fish)-2 mollies (1 dalmation and 1 black) I would AVOID MOLLIES since they like higher salinity levels which I was not informed of by my LFS (live fish store)-2 common pleco (came with my tank, would NOT have been my first choice since they have a such a huge bio load but theyre nice and have seniority so I kept em:)

    -2 bala sharks (very easy going)-3 clown loaches (my 2nd favorite but VERY rewarding fish to have if you can avoid the ich)-1 rainbow shark (hes my ONLY fish that EVER chases fish and its only if they go near his cave) so do what you want with that..but rainbow sharks ARE nicer than their similar red-tailed sharks!-2 spotted raphael cats (adorable)-3 polka dot pictus (very fun to watch but they NEVER.STOP.SWIMMING!) lol. Some may say my tank is overstocked but its really not..Ive had this tank for a long time and theres still no problems whatsoever. I will however tell you some problems i DID encounter along the way on my fishkeeping journey with my new 75 gallon bio-ball filteration system freshwater fish tank..*I lost 2 mollies when I was first starting out..they're delicate and I would NOT recommend them to you in a billion years since they are also kind of nippy towards my angel fish and once again, they like higher salinity water--almost brackish

    * I lost 2 african dwarf frogs that my little cousins talked me into getting that I didnt want in the first place..but they died from what I am assuming starvation since theyre so slow to getting the food..dont put these frogs in with fish..theyll starve.* Just the other day, I lost my other angel fish (the first two fish I bought for my tank were the angel fish pair and they grew so big and one was acting really wierd and the black molly would NOT leave him alone because I think he knew he was dying) but anyways..I was very upset over that loss..RIP STITCH;( Lilo misses you! ok onto the next..*Yesterday, I did the biggest cleaning of my tank yet..removed all plants rocks and other decorations and MADE SURE no fish were attatched or whatever...30 minutes later.."OMG WHERE ARE MY SPOTTED RAPHAEL CATS!!??" ...*looks into bucket with all the decor I pulled out before I had taken 25 gallons of water out of the tank and sure enough there are my two little spotted raphaels in the bucket of wet decorations but NO WATER! I panicked and did NOT know what they were hanging onto or on which piece of decor they attatched themselves onto- and I hurried and put enough water in the bucket to cover them up...and took all the stuff out of the bucket frantically, trying not to smash them with the rocks, and poured them back into the tank!!!! .....whoops;'( IM A TERRIBLE MOM!!!!! I seriously do NOT know how I could have missed them but I already feel bad enough..I checked on them today and they're still alive..so Im praying they pull through- I really like the little boogers. <------DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE! Lesson Learned!

    Source(s): I really REALLY hope I helped :) I tried adding some humor into it..then I got a little sad there at the end..i still feel so crappy about what I did to my spotted raphaels! :'( SORRY GUYS!
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