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How does genetic engineering help in the production of human insulin, which helps the body use sugars?

A The insulin is produced by fermenting the

sugars in large vats.

B The insulin is produced when DNA is

synthesized in eukaryotic cells.

C The gene for insulin is inserted into

bacteria that produce the hormone.

D The gene for sugar production is inserted

into viruses that produce the hormone.

Help Please!!

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    A: The question is asking about helping the body use sugars, if the sugar is in a vat, it's not in the body

    B: is insulin DNA? (I know the answer here, just trying to help you see it). If insulin is DNA, how does DNA help use sugar?

    C: What are genes for? Can the genes produce insulin? Can the genes be put into a bacteria? if the insulin is made by bacteria, can we get the insulin?

    D: I hope this is obvious, sugar is not produced by anything other than autotrophs (plants/algae/etc), it is only used. viruses are not autotrophs (there's a can of worms to debate what they are, but they're NOT autotrophs). viruses can't create sugar, no single gene can. Furthermore, sugar isn't a hormone, so the whole question based in a categorical fallacy.

    Admittedly, the correct answer is poorly worded and somewhat misleading, but the other three are patently bad answers.

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    Genetic engineering can be used to produce chemicals and hormones that the body requires. For an example we'll use insulin for a diabetic person. First remove a certain gene from a human cell using a restriction enzyme, in this instance we'll "cut" out the gene for producing insulin. Second extract a plasmid from a bacterial cell and again "cut" it with the restriction enzyme. Insert the gene into the plasmid by attaching both of the "sticky ends" of the gene onto the ends of the plasmid. Now re-insert the hybrid plasmid into the bacteria cell, where it will replicate to make new DNA for the cell. Many more daughter cells can be cultured and used to make insulin.

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    The answer is c

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