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Would I be able to do sprinting in winter track and then distance in spring track? Is this a bad idea?

I apologize for the long question, but this has been bothering me for a while. I'm in winter track as a junior and I've been running distance since a little bit before last year. I'm varsity cross country but I'm not that great (5:15 mile and 19:20 5k). I decided to do sprinting this season because I'm really looking to build lean muscle and have a swimmer's type body. I've been weight lifting since freshman year but I'm afraid of not making progress because after doing some online research, I discovered that running long distance can put you in catabolic state whereby you will break down muscle tissue to be used as fuel. Not only that, but I have more friends on the sprinting team and the distance team has a bunch of jerks on it. I don't want to be with them nor do I want to be super flat and skinny.

These "jerks" are not doing spring track. So I MIGHT go back during the spring.

Is it a bad idea to try out sprinting for the winter? I'll be running the 400m, the longest sprinting race. I know some kids that run distance and are good at the 400m. Will I probably be able to get a varsity time this season if I work towards it? my 400m PR is 63s. If I run distance, I may be able to get varsity for my mile like I did for my 5k this year in cross country. But there's no way to confirm this. Sprinting just seems more interesting to me. But I don't know if I should. Also, will someone be able to confirm if long distance running does or does not break down or burn muscle tissue and make it difficult to build muscle?


Consider fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers. If I happen to have slow-twitch, could I still train and have a good or even varsity 400m time by the end of winter track?

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    i'm guessing based on your name that You're a guy, so i'll be honest. 5:15 is pretty good for a mile [i'm guessing You're in highschool], but 63 is kinda slow for the 400. You'd have to improve by quite a bit to even be at the par level. i'd stick with long if i were You

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    Well you should do middle distance. Sprinting is something you are born with. I would say your mile time is better then your 400m time. Also your body only burns muscle during a long run when glygen and carbs are gone.

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    nicely you need to do middle distance. Sprinting is a few element you're born with. i'd say your mile time is fit then your 400m time. also your body maximum useful burns muscle interior the technique a lengthy time period even as glygen and carbs are lengthy gone.

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