Need some advice.. Preferably from a woman as to why my girlfriend is acting like this.?

Already asked this once, guess I didn't specify enough because people answered a different question than the one asked. My girlfriend of one year wants to wait until she is married to have sex. I would have absolutely no problem with this at all If she was a virgin. But she's not. I'm 20 she's 18. We have never done anything sexually and I've been okay with that until she mentioned she's been with 2 other guys. Willingly in highschool, both lasting relationships prior to ours. We have a great relationship, I would very much like to marry her someday. Im a student right now though and I'm poor. I can afford our apartment as groceries, but not much extra. You can understand why we aren't married yet. Back to subject of me and her right now, we're best friends, I straight up hate being away from her, she has a terrible relationship with her parents and I'm always there for her when she's upset. Id do anything for her if it was reasonable. But this sudden "I'm not a virgin I had sex with them willingly but not you"? That bugs me. That bugs me a lot. She had whatever sex with two guys in highschool but won't sleep with her boyfriend of one year who gives her a plce to live, gets her anything he can afford and takes complete care of her while she goes to college? It cannot be more obvious that I love her and I'm not just playing her.

I'd like a few chicks to give me reasons as to why she won't? It only bugs me now because I feel like I'm just not good enough for her or something.. I'm not a sex fiend but c'mon.. 2 pricks in highschool but not me? Wtf?

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  • 8 years ago
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    because she wants to wait, it's her decision about her body, so you should respect it, she might regret being with them, and that's why she won't sleep with you now, as you get older your views on things change, the importance of waiting for sex might not have been a big deal to her back then, but it is now, or she could want to wait so it will be more special with you than it was with the other guys, there are several possible reasons she could want to wait, if you really love her, you won't pressure her into sex

  • 8 years ago

    There is nothing to do except talk to her about it.

    You can try to rationalize with yourself, ask people on the internet... etc... but nothing will help you with your problem. Nothing apart from asking her directly.

    I don't understand her mindset because I don't know her.

    If I knew her, I would follow her thought pattern until I came to an answer.

    But the best relationship is an honest and open one... just ask her! Nicely. Without an attitude or apparent judgement. Explain to it how it makes you feel. She will REALLY appreciate that. Most females do.

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  • 8 years ago

    okay, first off, think about her point of view. she might have broken up with these two other guys for a reason. she probably doesn't want to go down that path again. talk to her about it, explain to her. If she is actually abstaining from it, its probably because you mean something to her. just talk, communication is key in a relationship.

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