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I can't remember the name of a comedy movie!?

Can someone tell me what movie is this? It's really bugging me:

It's a romantic comedy, and it starts with the song "Lovely Day, by Bill Withers", and it's about a guy/loser that as a job as a parking ticket officer or something.

I even searched IMDB in the Bill Withers OST history, but still cannot find the name of the movie for the life of me. I remember it was really funny. Can someone help me out please?


PS: Further in the movie, the main character "sponsors" a kid from those child institutes with no parents, but the kid hates him lol.


PS2: Oh, and I know the main actor reminds me of Michael Cera.

Update 2:

@ thepacman, thanks for the answer but with that title all i come up with is some tv series called "teen mom"? wth lol?

Update 3:

Found it! It's School for scoundrels

Thanks anyway :)

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    the movies name is" taking it up a notch"

    Source(s): saw the movie
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